An authentic Wiccan Witches Coven in South Bridge’s vaults

A true hidden gem in Auld Reekie’s vaults…
A perfectly preserved witch temple…
A time capsule…

If you’ve never been on our tours, you probably don’t know, in Auld Reekie’s vaults, there is a GENUINE witch coven.

As part of our vaults inclusive tours you will see the AUTHENTIC Wiccan Witches Coven named The Source Coven of The Blue Dragon. Now inactive it remains in the same condition with the alter and space set for ritual, untouched like a time capsule following the death of the High Priest George Cameron aka The Hermit. George and his High Priestess, Lady Felina, officiated the UK’s first legal Wiccan marriage in these vaults in 2004 following the the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in 1951. The Source Coven is truly one of our capitals hidden gems. Situated in a subterranean underworld, once you have visited and heard the tales, you will never forget this place….

Please note, in order to protect the coven, visitors are not allowed to step inside this specific vault. But you can get close enough to see all the details that are left untouched. The dragon on the wall, the alter, the cauldron and all the “magic potions”… So many things to look at.

As a matter of fact, this is not the vault that George Cameron first picked! He picked another vault just a little bit further up the street, aptly named “The Stone Circle Vault”. So what changed his mind? And why do we ask people NEVER to step inside the stone circle?

You will find out on our tours….

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