Eerie Earth Radio Show, with guest Anna Bell from Auld Reekie Tours

In this episode, host Kieran Begg guides us through the grim history of Edinburgh followed by an interview with Anna Bell, a guide with Auld Reekie Tours, who shares her experiences of the South Bridge Vaults. The show was presented and originally aired on

Edinburgh is an enchanting city with a curious and sometimes disturbing history. Every artefact, brick and cobble stone has a tale to tell, from the majestic and royal buildings of the often corrupt elite to the slums and miserable institutions of the most poverty-stricken, destitute and frequently criminally minded poor. In this broadcast the host of Eerie Earth radio Kieran Begg together with guest Anna Bell of Auld Reekie Tours will take you back in time through hundreds of years of sinister history.

Kieran shares a fascinating account of the filthy and harrowing living conditions of our ancestors along with the supernatural occurrences of this legendary capital. Divulging dark stories of the underground city, ghostly apparitions, pestilence and plagues. He paints a perfect Tales from the Crypt meets Dickensian picture of ye olde Edinburgh or as the locals aptly nick-named it “Auld Reekie”.

Anna then elaborates on and discusses one of Scotland’s most haunted places, the South Bridge Vaults. Dating from the 18th century and situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s old town, these subterranean vaults were once a hugely overcrowded vice and filth infested hovel. Playground of murderers, prostitutes and villainous vagrants and riddled with disease and violence, this place was so wretched that the magistrates evicted everyone and bricked up all the doorways. The vaults became forgotten about, undisturbed and frozen in time for more than a century.

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