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The Vaults Tour

Daily: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Cost: £13 – 60min
Group Rate: £250 for up to 30 people and £5 per additional person.

Visit the infamous vaults hidden under the South Bridge in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Hear tales of how the poor and unfortunate lived in these former slums. Explore these dimly lit vaults, once the haunt of criminals, body snatchers and witches alike!

Each vault has stories of crime, disease and death and lots more, with which your guide shall enlighten you with all the gory details. You will see a genuine witchcraft temple, recently used by the “Source Coven of the Blue Dragon” and you will enter their former temple, and learn why it was no longer safe for them to practise their craft in that vault. DARE you step inside the infamous stone circle?


Haunted Vaults Tour

Nightly: 5pm, 7pm, 9pm

Cost: £14 – 60min
Group Rate: £250 for up to 30 people and £5 per additional person.

Dark as the Devil’s heart, visit our haunted underground vaults that date back to the 1700s. The guide will enlighten you to the dark history of these former slum dwellings, home to the poor and destitute as well as a criminal underworld. Hear tales of the paranormal activity and ghostly apparitions that are said to haunt these vaults. Once experienced, never forgotten.

The Ghost & Torture Tour

Only available as a private tour

Group Rate: £250 for up to 30 people and £5 per additional person.


Our costumed guide takes you around some of the Old Town’s cobbled streets dispensing the history of the dark characters that used to roam them. Then you’ll enter our medieval torture exhibition with instruments from Nuremberg and Bamberg castles in Germany dating back to the 1500s and 1600s. Finally you’ll be guided through our haunted underground vaults to see our old stone circle Pagan temple, a recently working witchcraft temple and our infamous haunted Vault. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Last date for this tour is Sunday 8th December.


The Terror Tour

Nightly: 10pm

Cost: £16/14 – 75min
Group Rate: £250 for up to 30 people and £5 per additional person.
*For over 18s only

First you’ll be taken to our medieval torture exhibition to see instruments from the Nuremberg and Bamberg Castles in Germany, dating back to the late 1500s and early 1600s. Then you’ll be guided through our paranormally active and haunted underground vaults dating back to the 1700s. Renowned as the world’s scariest place. Frightening! *For over 18s only


The Vaults & Graveyard Tour

Nightly: 6pm and 8pm

Cost: £16 / £14 – 90min
Group Rate: £250 for up to 30 people and £5 per additional person.

Edinburgh’s Old Town is steeped in Folklore, Legends & Myths, and an abundance of evil.

Your guide shall take you to Greyfriars Graveyard, home of the famous Greyfriars Bobby – nice dog – who had cocked his leg where rotting corpses lay below and whose names were made famous in many novels and history books, and sent chills down many a reader. Then on to the infamous and haunted Niddry Street underground vaults, probably the scariest place in the world! Once home to the destitute, prostitutes, criminals, witches and a hellfire club, and is possessed by something evil that awaits you. Please wear stout footwear, and this tour is not suitable for the under 16s or those of a nervous disposition. You have been warned!!!


Additional Tours

Overnight Vaults Hire

Our vaults are now available to hire overnight for investigations, ghost hunts and film locations. Maximum 35 people and proof of public liability insurance required.
00:00 to 06:00 – £600

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Auld Reekie Tours was formed in 1995. Since then we have been offering a wide range of underground and graveyard tours to visitors from all over the world. We are the only tour company that owns its own vaults, having exclusive use of them. Apart from lighting, our vaults have remained mostly unchanged since they were built in the 1700s.

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