The Vaults Tour

Visit the infamous vaults hidden under the South Bridge in Edinburgh’s Old Town.

Hear tales of how the poor and unfortunate lived in these former slums, explore the dimly lit vaults, once the haunt of criminals, body snatchers and witches alike!

Each vault tells a story. Stories of death, disease and crime and corruption, your guide shall enlighten you with all the grim details. Although merchants originally used them for storage and workshops, the vaults eventually descended into slums, illicit drinking taverns, and criminal dens.

You will see a genuine witchcraft temple, recently used by the “Source Coven of the Blue Dragon”, and you will enter their former temple and learn why it was no longer safe for them to practise their craft in that vault. Will you dare to step inside the notorious stone circle?

Highlights: A tour of Edinburgh’s most extensive haunted vaults. Dark tales of its past visitors and inhabitants. The notorious stone circle and the infamous haunted vault.

Not suitable for under 5s

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£20 per person, £70 for 4 people


£240 for 2 people up to 10 people and then £18 per additional person up to a maximum of 36 people.


60 minutes

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300 Lawnmarket
Edinburgh, EH1 2PH
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Tour end

45 Niddry Street
Edinburgh, EH1 1LG
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